Combining all that power of sound, which only metal could give, with cold mechanistic of industrial and all-consuming atmosphere of electronics, Oblivion Machine creates unique sound synthesis, in which listener could see reflections of many of his deepest feelings - from black negative, that make you think about death, to bright and lightful, that cause the desire to live. 
Keeping their recognizable style, Oblivion Machine experiments from album to album, perfoming music, that has no analogues on russian stage.
At the moment, results of Oblivion Machine creativity include 3 longplays, album of remixes, 3 videoclips, rotation on russian and ukraine A-One TV channels. Band made music for russian website of "Lockout" of Luc Besson. The Band has worked with famous colleagues, such as Michiel van den Bos (composer of soundtrack for video game "Unreal") and Hiili Hiilesmaa (sound engineer and producer of Apocaliptica, Kypck, Moonspell, Theatre Of Tragedy etc.).
A lot of rapturous comments and reviews of people from all over the world stimulate further creativity for musicians.
The debut album "Unnatural & Wrong" (2008) and remix album "Viewpoint Collector" (2010) sound in Industrial Death Metal style. The second longplay "Zero-Gravity" (2011) deviates for Atmospheric Gothic Metal. EP "Starfield" (2012) continues Zero-Gravity line and was conceived as an experiment with traditional "live" sound and acoustic instruments.
The third LP was released in December of 2013. Musicians believe that this album is a comprehensive embodiment of the essence of the Oblivion Machine at the moment and gave it the name of the band - "Oblivion Machine". The cover art was done by Alexey "Gutalin" Kozhanov, concept-artist of the Riddley Scott blockbaster "Prometheus" and Michael Bay's "Transformers: Age of Extinction"


Verbal embodiment of the essense of Oblivion, misanthropic vibrations of cold and lost being

Kriss Kochmarik



Sound interpretation of structures of dark multidimensional spaces, capturing the chaos in statics of the moment


Low frequency destruction of inceptive particles, summoning the energy of spheres of the Universal execution


Sergey Adrenalinov

Impulse signals of doomed annunciation of the Universal indifference, pulse of comprehensive fatality


Agony of karmic despair, sound waves of the cosmic withering of reborn organic organizations

Imidazo Yo